MacBook - 4 Problem, Meet Solution

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Problem, Meet Solution

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Chapter 4

Problem, Meet Solution

Occasionally, you may have problems while working with your MacBook. Read on for

troubleshooting tips to try when you have a problem. You can also find more

troubleshooting information in Mac Help and on the MacBook Support website at

If you experience a problem with your MacBook, there is usually a simple and quick

solution. Think about the conditions that led up to the problem. Making a note of

things you did before the problem occurred will help you narrow down possible causes

and find the answers you need. Things to note include:

 The applications you were using when the problem occurred. Problems that occur

only with a specific application might indicate that the application is not compatible

with the version of the Mac OS installed on your computer.

 Any new software that you installed, especially software that added items to the

System folder.

 Any hardware that you installed, such as additional memory or a peripheral.