MacBook - Using the MacBook Battery

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Using the MacBook Battery

When the MagSafe power adapter isn’t connected, your MacBook draws power from its

built-in battery. The length of time that you can run your MacBook varies, depending

on the applications you use and the external devices connected to your MacBook.

Turning off features such as AirPort Extreme or Bluetooth


wireless technology and

reducing screen brightness can help conserve battery charge—for example, when

you’re traveling by air. Many of your system preferences are automatically set to

optimize battery life.

If the battery runs low while you’re working, connect your power adapter and let

the battery recharge. You can check the amount of battery charge left by viewing

the Battery (

) status icon in the menu bar. The battery charge level displayed is

based on the amount of power left in the battery with the applications, peripheral

devices, and system settings you’re currently using. To conserve battery power, close

applications and disconnect peripheral devices not in use, and adjust your Energy

Saver settings.

For more information about battery conservation and performance tips, go to