MacBook - Migrating Information to Your MacBook

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Migrating Information to Your MacBook

You can follow the prompts in Setup Assistant to migrate existing user accounts, files,

applications, and other information from another Mac computer. You can do this with

one of the following methods:


Using an Ethernet cable connected directly to both computers, or connecting both

computers to the same network


Wirelessly—directly between the computers, or with both computers on the same

wireless network

Before migrating, use Software Update on your other Mac to ensure you have either

Mac OS X v10.4.11 or Mac OS X v10.5.6 (or later).

You can choose the items (user accounts, documents, movies, music, photos, and so

on) that you want to migrate to your MacBook.


Don’t use the other Mac for anything else until the migration is complete.

If you don’t use Setup Assistant to transfer information when you first start up your

computer, you can do it later using Migration Assistant. If the connection is terminated

during migration, you can resume the migration at a later time using Migration

Assistant on your MacBook and your other Mac. Go to the Applications folder, open

Utilities, and double-click Migration Assistant.

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Chapter 1

Ready, Set Up, Go


Step 5:

Customize the Mac OS X desktop and set preferences.

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Chapter 1

Ready, Set Up, Go

You can quickly make the desktop look the way you want using System Preferences.

Choose Apple (

) > System Preferences from the menu bar. As you get to know your

computer, explore System Preferences, your command center for most settings on your

MacBook. For more information, open Mac Help and search for “System Preferences”

or for the specific preference you want to change.